The Simply Luxurious Life®: January 2013  

January 31, 2013

Want & Have Outfit: No. 19


A classic trench is a must-have in the closet, and as spring is just around the corner, now is a wonderful time to shop for one that is made with quality fabrics, preferably lined and is designed for your lifestyle (cropped, traditional, color, etc). The trench that is now my go-to is from J.Crew, and I couldn’t be happier. Worn over jeans or a dress, it is perfect for work, play or travel.

And since the snow is now turning into rain, I’m digging out my wellies, and putting a navy pair on my wishlist. And with today’s Style Inspiration as my muse – a bit of everything is included: worn over skinny or straight-leg jeans, paired with a simple v-neck silk top, a cross-body handbag and a playful scarf if necessary, this is my ideal uniform for errands and weekend adventures.


~MiH Jeans printed silk shirt~

~Hunter ‘Original’ Tall Rain Boot (navy)- women~

~Nordstrom tribal cutout hinged bracelet~

~IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson – leather cross-body bag~


~J.Crew collection icon trench~

~Stella McCartney leopard-print modal silk-blend scarf (similar)~

~J.Brand straight-leg dark denim jeans~


Style Inspiration: A Bit of Everything

As New York Fashion Week begins next week with designers showing their Fall 2013 collections, I am more than ready for more street style to begin popping up on the internet and my pinterest page. Today’s Style Inspiration involves a wide variety of ideas – some for winter wardrobes, some for summer, and a few that were captured at the recent Paris couture shows.

Style certainly never rests, but in January it does seem to lag. With that said, I’m ready for February and spring to follow with feminine sheers, bountiful colors and plenty of shades and heels.

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January 30, 2013

Why Not . . . Prep For Tax Season?

Over the past weekend, one of the few things I needed to do besides reading was to organize my taxes.

And while the word taxes initially is deemed ugly, I try to remind myself of the many benefits I am investing in – education, national parks, safe roads, protection, etc. Regardless of how tax season makes you feel, it’s a task that cannot be avoided, and often times, it can be a moment to celebrate if you are of the 52% of Americans who receive a return instead of a bill. Regardless, the foundation of contentment is financial security, and so long as you know where your money is going, you know where you are capable of traveling as well.

Today, I’ve rounded up a list of tips that have worked for me to help keep me organized throughout the year in order to make January and February a bit less stressful come tax season.

1. At the beginning of each year, create a file in your office labeled “Taxes 2013” (the respective year). As the year plugs along, whenever a check stub, business document or important tax document such as a 1099, 1098, W-2, giving statement from a charity arrives and something that I will want to have a record of, I file it into the correct folder.

2. Also, create a separate folder for receipts for each year. Be sure to save this file for seven years, just in case you are audited. (Click here to learn about what you should keep and for how long.)

3. Use the tax organizer from your CPA. If you have an accountant, they will undoubtedly send you a tax organizer (or worksheets) to fill out all of the necessary information prior to coming into their office. Take the time at home to fill out the work to save yourself time which you will be paying for when you walk through the door. (Each accountant’s system for charging is different, so inquire with your individual accountant for details.)

4. Teachers and students, keep track of your expenses (often union dues are deductible as well). Most states have a maximum amount you can deduct for education expenses, union dues, etc.

5. Create a checklist. Each January as W-2 forms begin arriving in my mailbox, I make a list of all the items I expect to receive and information I will need prior to scheduling my appointment with my CPA. Here is a list of things you may need to put on your list: 
  • W-2s from your employers
  • 1099-INT (for interest earned)
  • 1099-DIV (for dividends you received)
  • 1099-B forms (reflect transactions involving stocks, bonds, etc)
  • 1099-MISC forms (for any income from self-employment)
  • K-1 forms (if you have a partnership, small business, or trust)
  • 1099-SSA (if you receive social security)
  • medical receipts
  • receipts from charitable donations
  • education receipts (as mentioned above)
  • moving expenses
  • mortgage interest
  • childcare costs
Once everything has arrived, get started or schedule an appointment. The earlier you file, the quicker the return will be deposited or mailed to you.

6. Note important deadlines. While April 15 is the most important, January 31 is also one to keep in mind. If you don’t receive your expected W-2, 1098 or 1099 forms by this date, contact your employer, previous employer and banking institutions to inquire about their delay. By law, you must receive them by January 31st. 

7. Choose the best filing option for you. While my preference is hiring an accountant, one my family has worked with for years, regardless of your choice, make sure you know what you are going to do well in advance of April 15th. While e-filing, using a tax filing software program, filling out the paperwork by hand yourself are all options, filing late is not (without significant penalties, unless you file for an extension). Remember the goal is to keep it simple and make sure you have done it right the first time.

Small Business Owners/Sole Proprietors

1. If you work out of your home, keep track of how much you pay for utilities, mortgage, repairs, etc as you can deduct a portion of your expenses. Click here to learn more.

2. Keep a separate budget for your business expenses. Ideally you will have a separate checking/credit account as well. I keep an Excel spreadsheet and each month I keep track of the expenses paid out and income coming in so that when January arrives, I can quickly assess my total income and search for the receipts necessary.

3. Create a system for your receipts. Each time a receipt is received, be sure to label it with the event in which it coincides - trip to NYFW, meal with potential client, etc.

4. Make a plan for paying/saving for taxes that will be owed. Based on your tax bracket, when tax season arrives, you will need to pay taxes based on your income. Either decide to set aside a certain percentage each time income is deposited or continue to build your savings, so you are able to make the payment(s) when they are due.

~Full Disclosure: Because I try to reduce my stress and responsibilities, I have always chosen to take my taxes to a CPA, one that I trust and who can answer all of my questions as he stays up on the constantly changing tax laws. The low fee I end of having to pay him each year is worth the worry I might have experienced had I relied on myself to read all of the laws and forms correctly. This by no means is to imply you can’t do them on your own.


~Why Not . . . Get Organized? (three part series)
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January 29, 2013

This & That: No. 43

Some inspiration for those who love Parisian food and style, a book that will help you achieve financial independence and contentment and a heads up about a wonderful consignment sale you won’t want to miss.

~Blog Post

~Packing for Paris: How to Dress Like a Parisian

Malou Lasquite’s style post about how to dress like a Parisian is one to save. The post will not only ease your mind as you feel you have a few of the inside secrets upon reading it, but it will also allow you to avoid pitfalls as well as integrate your own style as well. With specific insights on “the look”, chaussures (shoes), handbags and accessories to be sure to pack (or purchase while you’re there), if you have plans to escape to Paris anytime soon, print it out and keep it somewhere where you can access it easily when planning your packing list.


~Secrets of Six Figure Women by Barbara Stanny

Last Friday I shared that this past weekend would be dedicated to reading, and one of the books I devoured was Barbara Stanny’s Secrets of Six Figure Women. Now on the surface, it may seem materialistic – why should money be the goal? – but don’t make such an assumption too quickly. What Barbara reveals is inspiring, helpful and the newest book I now consider a resource on how to successfully attain my own dreams. One of the significant insights she reveals is that money is a means to living a more contented, full life, not the goal itself. And it is when we harness our power, refuse to be paid less for our skills and abilities, that what we are capable of earning surpasses our own expectations. Whether you have a college education or not, the book shares secrets clearly laid out, explained through vivid precision and anecdotes from women who have been in the trenches. I highly recommend.

~Barefoot in Paris

As you may now be well aware, I am a tremendous fan of Ina Garten and her approach to cooking - simple dishes created with minimal steps that are capable of creating scrumptiously delicious results every single time. While Barefoot in Paris was published nearly ten years ago (2004), I just now have a copy to call my own, and it is a copy I am thrilled to have on my kitchen counter. The fourth cookbook in her long list of offerings, Ina shares personal stories and meals she creates in her Left Bank Parisian apartment as well as at home in the Hamptons. She also shares a full appendix of markets, fromageries, kitchen stores, chocolatier shops and other stores that she loves which are located in Paris. Certainly a cook’s resource if you want to bring Paris to your dinner table every once and awhile.

Before I forget, if you’re a fan of her Food Network show, she is airing new episodes every Saturday morning this month. This particular series is taped in Napa Valley and is full of ideas that include wine, fresh farmers’ market finds and simple entertaining.

~Cooking Classes

One of Ina Garten’s recommendations I discovered in the pages of Barefoot in Paris was cook and author Patricia Well’s cooking classes that she offers in both Paris and Provence. On her website you will find all of the dates for 2013 and 2014 as they fill up fast. While the price is a bit steep ($1500 for a week), the experience of a week of inside tricks, tips and tours around the city is certainly something to investigate is this would be your dream if training at the Le Cordon Bleu is not an option. If you’re like me, and don’t have an extra $1500 to spare, check out her raved about book The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris.

~Consignment Sale

~Seams to Fit

For my Pacific Northwest and specifically Portland readers, I want to share with a sale you don’t want to miss. My favorite consignment shop in Portland, Oregon, is having their winter clearance sale. The entire store is 50% off and is only available to walk-ins (alas, I won’t be in town this weekend). Beginning this Friday, February 1st through Sunday February 3rd, stop by Seams to Fit located at 2264 NW Raleigh St. in the Nob Hill district for some amazing finds.


~DVF Thandi dress

I couldn’t help including Diane von Furstenberg’s gray Thandi dress in this week’s This & That. Marked down 50%, this beautiful grey dress is a wonderful work or casual special-occasion dress that transitions well from winter to early spring. True to size, her designs love women’s bodies and it will be wearable for many seasons to come. Wear with a medium-large belt or a beautiful scarf, don flats or pumps depending on the occasion and you will look sophisticated, comfortable and chic.

January 28, 2013

The Difference Between Being Scared & Having Doubts

“New things are scary. Anything worth having is scary.” 
– Shonda Rhimes script on the series finale of Private Practice

Many people ask me where I find inspiration for each week’s posts, and while I can honestly say I find inspiration everywhere, what inspired today’s post were two different items I read – one an article and one a book – over the past week and weekend.

While reading Hope Alcocer’s contributing blog post to Verily regarding red flags when it comes to relationships, I was reminded of doubt, and how instinctually, when I have doubts, it is my subconscious pointing out something that I haven’t fully grasped but am being heeded to take time to investigate. In complete contrast, while reading Barbara Stanny’s book Secrets of Six-Figure Women, I was reassured that having fears is natural if what we are seeking is something we genuinely want – a life change, a new job, etc.

There is significant evidence to support the claim that having doubts about something is much different than being scared or having fear about something. Simply, doubt is a red-flag that has been honed through your life’s experience and fear is a natural uncertainty based not on experience but perhaps the voices of others, society, etc, but not the doubt you have regarding your own abilities.

“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”
-Bertrand Russell

In fact, when you are fearful or scared it is because you actually have no evidence that you can or can’t do it, which is all the more reason to try. It is natural to feel apprehension as you have no proof that you will succeed, but the good news is, you have no proof that you won’t either. If indeed we desire to take that leap of faith and work toward a dream that others may not grasp yet or pursue a life change that breaks the mold, we are fearful partially because we are excited about the change it will bring, and fearful that we won’t be able to make it happen. In this case, so long as you believe more resolutely that you can rather than you can’t, you will be successful.

“’How does one become a butterfly?’ she asked pensively, ‘You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.’” –Trina Paulus

On the other hand, having doubts involves previous experience, knowledge of similar behavior and an ability to know more about a situation than others either want you to know or don’t even understand themselves. For example, in a previous relationship that I eventually ended, I began seeing red flags (or having doubts) five months prior to the relationship ending; however, I didn’t want to accept what I knew instinctually to be true, so I kept working at the relationships. It wasn’t until I saw evidence of my doubts realized that I recognized my instincts were correct, and I thankfully chose to follow what I had subconsciously been aware of all along. Much later, other further evidence reassured me that I had made the correct decision. The good news about doubts is that they are our constant warriors of protection, and it is our job to investigate what they are trying to tell us.

The key to discerning the difference between whether you are feeling doubt or fear is to know yourself fully. Only you can honestly say why you are feeling what you’re feeling. Only you can say, I want it so bad that if I don’t achieve it, I will ache incessantly. Only you can say, I don’t trust what is promised. There is a great difference between these two statements. Know yourself, and you will know how to proceed.


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January 25, 2013

The Weekend . . .

Aw yes, the weekend has arrived. The last weekend of January. Can you believe it? Soon peonies will be available at our local farmers’ markets and I, for one, cannot wait. Okay, that’s still three months away, but still . . . something to look forward to.

Yesterday found me home as school was cancelled due to a sheet of ice blanketing the area, so I was enthralled with a list of projects – small, but pleasure-filled. And since much of my to-do list for Saturday was cleared, I am very much looking forward to the weekend so that I can read, read and read a bit more. Much like the quote above, reading is my energy source and without it, I wouldn’t want to know what I might have missed. Ideas spring up and dreams awaken as I find a myriad of ideas and ways to continually mold life into my very own piece of art.

Speaking of art, the spring couture shows took place this week in Paris and the runways were full of fashionable masterpieces. Be sure to visit my pinterest board to see some of my favorite designs.

As for this past week on the blog, some inspiration, fashion from the Inauguration, a simple ritual you might want to add to your daily routine and of course a touch of fashion . . .

~the most popular post of the week . . . Exactly What Does Inner Beauty Look Like?

~Want & Have Outfit: No. 18 . . . how to style your new leopard loafers

~Style Inspiration: Black, White & Belts

~First Lady’s 2nd Inaugural Style – Updated! . . . all the details

~This & That: No. 42 . . . my new favorite dishes on sale, a jacket to love, a show to enjoy and more

~Why Not . . . Journal Regularly?

~Bloglovin’ & TSLL! . . . a new place to find and read the blog

And this week’s newsletter – issue #133 – click here to read.

Hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are so that you can wrap up January on a wonderful note. Until Monday, bonjour.

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January 24, 2013

Want & Have Outfit: No. 18


When the sidewalks are slick with ice, and I tire of wearing boots everywhere, loafers tend to grab my attention. And while I have far more ballet flats than loafers in my closet, I am coming to understand their value for mixing up the traditional flat chaussure. My attention was captured recently by Sam Edelman’s leopard loafer. Already having a pair of his shoes in my closet which have impressed me with their quality and reasonable price, I am seriously considering adding this particular pair to my wardrobe.

Paired with either dark denim straight-leg jeans or skinny jeans depending upon your preference, wear the jean naturally or roll the hem for a fresh look. And since leopard is a neutral staple, add some fabulous color with Joie’s Ameline silk 3/4 sleeve blouse (I have three of their silk blouses – the Marru top – and wear them constantly – love!). A classic leather jacket, black sunnies along with a black crossover tote and you are set for a casually, chic outing or a day of travel in comfort and in style.


~Sam Edelman Alvin leopard & nude loafer~

~Joie Ameline silk top in bright rose~

~Sara Berman black leather jacket~

~Michael Kors jet set leather shoulder bag~

~Chloe round acetate black sunglasses~


~J.Brand 620 Power mid-rise leggings-style jeans~

~Paige ‘Skyline’ straight leg stretch jeans (stream)~


Style Inspiration: Black, White & Belts


Inspired by the First Lady’s belt worn from J.Crew this past Monday (click here to view), I wanted to find even more inspiration as I was reminded that coordinating simple, basic colors with beautiful, unique accessories can be precisely enough when it comes to appearing chic, sophisticated and on trend when necessary. Have a look at what I discovered.

Oh, and if you happen to stop by J.Crew and take a look at their sale items (some wonderful belts, flats and other items are available), be sure to use the promo code GET40 to take an additional 40% off the sale price. Amazing deals! For example, the calf-hair leopard belt at the bottom of the post regularly priced at $65, on sale for $30.

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January 23, 2013

Why Not . . . Journal Regularly?

Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, George Bernard Shaw, Elie Wiesel, Ronald Reagan and Oprah are only a small fraction of a long list of notable public people who have kept a personal journal. Based on this long list and their unique successes, one can’t help but wonder if the practice of journaling aided in some way, or if it was a coincidental variable that should be paid no-mind.
While not everyone who keeps a journal will become the next celebrity talk-show host or United States President, I am confident that there is great value in choosing to incorporate this simple, yet rich habit to one’s daily routine.

As someone who has been journaling (or keeping a diary) since I was a young girl, there was only a short duration in my mid-twenties when I did not maintain this ritual, and I must say that when I resumed journaling about five years ago, I quickly was reminded of why I hope to never give it up again.

Here are a few benefits of regular journaling that I have found to be most worth the extra effort at the end, beginning or whenever time allows throughout the day.

1. A Catalog of Inspiration
As a blogger, writer and someone who is always looking for inspiration, keeping my journal nearby allows me to write down quotes I hear, recipes I want to try, books I want to read, films I want to see or ideas that pop into my head at random times. While initially I may think I will never forget these bursts of light bulb moments, I have learned from experience that if I don’t write them down, I will forget them, and I always kick myself for not recording it the moment it occurs. For example, while watching Lincoln in the theater last month, I had my journal and pen ready to write down any quote that piqued my interest or spoke to me, and as you might imagine, there were a few – this was just one of them. You really never know when inspiration will strike, so have a means to capture it when it does.

2. A Record of Events, Thoughts, Questions, etc
Much like a diary, a journal provides a place to record events in your life, your feelings at different moments in your life and questions you have about your life. What I love most about including these three items in my journal is when I reflect back after a year or two has passed. To hear my voice, observe what I was fearful or elated about and notice questions that I now have answers to is a very powerful reminder that each of us is the curator of our own lives, and while in the moment it may seem nothing is improving or changing, with time change does occur.

3. Relieve Tension
Before letting your frustrations out on an innocent store clerk or supportive family member or friend and then having to deal with the guilt of your mismanaged frustration, write down your fears, reasons for anger or disgust and anything else that may have caused you to have a bad day in your journal. While putting your feelings down on page may not remedy the problem entirely, it will at least give you time to sort through what is really upsetting you, take a deep breath and resolve what ever is upsetting you constructively.

4. Provide Self-Counseling
Along the same lines of benefit #3, often by regularly journaling we can, upon reflection, notice certain trends or triggers that we may not be aware of in the present moment. That is why it is a good idea to keep journals once they are full. Also, the journal is always a good listener, and while it is a blessing to have a trusted friend you can talk to, to always be filling their ear with your worries may get tiresome, so allow your journal to carry some of the weight.

5. Prevention to Ward off Ingratitude
Just as journals are a wonderful tool to cathartically rid yourself of negative emotions, they are also useful for recording reasons to be grateful. Keeping a gratitude journal as Sarah Ban Breathnach suggests in her book Simple Abundance, helps us to remain present and remind ourselves of all that is going well.

6. An Aid in Staying Focused
Whether it is New Year’s, my birthday, or the beginning of the school year, I will be writing down goals for myself and then regularly checking in on my progress as I move forward. By writing my goals in my journal, and then referring back to what I have written regularly, I assist myself in staying on track and focused. And upon completion, reflecting on my accomplishments is a wonderful reminder and confidence booster as I go about setting new goals, which attests to the fact that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.

Maybe you already practice journaling, or maybe you were like me and used to engage regularly but have recently stepping away from the habit due to a busy schedule. Wherever you find yourself, here are a few things that may help you get back into practice:

*Buy a beautiful journal or one that inspires you to fill the pages

*Treat yourself to a quality pen or writing utensil

*Create a ritual that is something you look forward to when you sit down to write. Perhaps a scrumptious cup of tea could be poured to accompany your writing, nibbling on a truffle, sitting in a cozy chair or snuggling up in bed with your favorite plush pillow to prop up your journal while you write. Whatever speaks to you or encourages you to write freely, welcome it into your daily routine as well.

*Don’t be judgmental of yourself or what you write. The journal is simply for your benefit and no one else’s. Consider this a sketch or a rough draft and try to allow your authentic self, interests, curiosities and thoughts flow freely.

{My go-to journal of choice for the past four years has been Moleskine as it comes it a variety of different colors, sizes and styles (lined, blank, grid, etc).}

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January 22, 2013

BlogLovin & TSLL!

I am happy to share that The Simply Luxurious Life is now available on Bloglovin’! With many blogs to be enjoyed, Bloglovin’ is one choice where you can organize your favorite blogs, much like Google Reader, Pulse or Flipboard, and easily locate and enjoy the most recent posts. And they even have a free app for even easier access.

While everyone organizing their social media in a way that best suits them, I want to make sure as many options are available as possible. So on that note, you will notice an addition to the upper left-hand tool bar of social media buttons – the plus on the right can simply be clicked to be directed to The Simply Luxurious Life’s Bloglovin’ page (or you can click here) where you can choose to follow if you’d like.

Happy reading!

This & That: No. 42

Music to enjoy, an article to contemplate, a show to make you chuckle and an essential item to add to your wardrobe . . .

~Article to Read

~”Darwin Was Wrong About Dating” – New York Times

One of my favorite sections from The New York Times is the Sunday Review which is full of opinion pieces on a wide range of topics. On January 13, Dan Slater shared an interesting challenge to what many people either prefer to believe or assume to be fact regarding the behaviors of men and women when it comes to dating. Succinctly put, he presents “the possibility that our mating behavior is less hard-wired than they had believed . . .”. A wonderful article to ponder – click here to read.


~Pretty Chic Travel

In 2009 Stephanie Gray and Jennifer Weatherhead founded a blog focused on sharing travel and style resources for smart, stylish women. Pretty Chic Travel includes posts on specific locations, as well as ideas for a wide range of destinations, I was so happy to have stumbled across what is now one of my daily reads each morning as I am regularly figuring out ways to satiate my passion for travel.


~Pandora Carla Bruni station

Last week, Erin of Apartment 34 shared her preference for the Carla Bruni station on Pandora in a lovely post about how she and husband spend date night (click here to read). As an avid listener of Pandora with a long list of varying stations (it’s free!), I quickly added Carla Bruni’s to my list. Needless to say, I am smitten. An array of French jazz musicians tickle my ears, and currently, it is my station of choice. Thank you Erin!


~Reiss Hadden Big Pocket Tailored Jacket

Over the weekend, I donned the black blazer I have been hunting patiently for for a handful of years now (click here to have a look). With Reiss’s 70% off winter sale currently up and running, I pounced and purchased this tuxedo style black gem. While this style is now sold out, they have a similar more classically cut jacket still available at a wonderfully reduced price – the Hadden Big Pocket tailored jacket. As someone with long arms (I stand 5’11”) and broad shoulders, their MEDIUM fits me perfectly.

~Sur la Table glassware and whiteware sale

The kitchen facelift that I mentioned earlier this month is getting closer to being ready for its reveal, but in the meantime, I wanted to alert you to the whiteware and glassware (cookware too) sale now going on at Sur La Table. I purchased these items – here, here, here, here and here, and love their quality, simplicity and ability to serve as foundational pieces of substance.


~1600 Penn

There are very few comedies that prompt me to set my DVR, but NBC’s new Thursday night comedy 1600 Penn (airing at 9:30) is a riot of laughs. Starring Josh Gad (best known for his starring role on Broadway’s The Book of Mormon), Jenna Elfman and Bill Pullman, the composition of the modern family that inhabits the white house focuses very little on politics and more on family dynamics and navigating a myriad of dramas that arise. Writer Jon Lovett, who was a speech writer for President Obama during his first term and then senator Hillary Clinton prior to 2009, is one of the show’s creators along with Gad and Jason Winer and offers his rare insights based on first-hand experience to bring credibility to the dialogues. Also, I have always been a fan of Jenna Elfman, and her role as the first-lady and step-mother to the President’s children is a wonderful  ingredient and foil to Josh Gad’s unkempt, spontaneous, yet good-intentioned character.

January 21, 2013

First Lady’s 2nd Inaugural Style – Updated

The dress that caused the fashion world to wait with breath bated was worth the speculative curiosity. Choosing to tap Jason Wu again, the First Lady wore a ruby Grecian pleated gown with chiffon overlay with a keyhole, criss-crossing neckline detail that seemed to shock many as she had worn very subdued tones throughout the weekend. Accessories included Jimmy Choo heels and a custom diamond ring by Kimberly McDonald. (Other designers who had a dress in the running were Monique Lhuillier, Michael Kors, and Vera Wang, among others.)

Striking, yet contemporarily sophisticated, Mrs. Obama didn’t shy from the spotlight, but instead owned it. Choosing to accentuate her trim waist and sveltely sculpted arms, I for one applaud her choice.

Politics aside, the added benefit of watching the 57th United States Presidential Inauguration was the fashion show that Michelle Obama, her daughters and Dr. Jill Biden offered to the audience. And for me, it was choice of accessories that I loved – the suede boots, the gloves and that Carrie Bradshaw-esque belt which took a supporting role in the first SATC movie.

Choosing to wear all American designers, she wore a Thom Browne (who hails from Pennsylvania) silk indigo checked coat and dress said to have been inspired by a men’s necktie. For the family’s attendance in the morning at St. John’s Church in Washington D.C. she choose a pair of pumps from Valentino, then opting I’m assuming for more warmth a pair of custom designed Reed Krakoff leather and suede knee-high navy boots, as well as accessorized with plum J.Crew leather gloves and belt. For the Inaugural luncheon, the First Lady wore a Reed Krakoff cropped cardigan over her dress.

As far as the girls, while Malia Obama adhered to the J.Crew predilection for her coat, scarf, gloves and dress, Sasha wore a Kate Spade ensemble.

On the day following the Inauguration, the first lady wore an ivory wool ensemble with 3/4 sleeve custom designed by Naeem Khan for the National Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral. The kitten heels are from J.Crew - Valentina patent pumps in Apricot Mist (click here shop for these shoes).

Dr. Jill Biden didn’t disappoint either. During the last inauguration she stunned in a red coat and red inaugural gown, but this year she wore a muted, yet quite modern and sophisticated Lela Rose metallic gray coat along with a Lela Rose white embroidered scattered flower appliqué sheath dress.

For the evening inaugural balls, Dr. Biden also radiated as she wore a silk Vera Wang gown with draped back and Christian Louboutin open-toe heels.




Images via Washington Post, ABC News, Getty Images, Today and Elle

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Exactly What Does Inner Beauty Look Like?

As someone who has loved fashion since I  was a young girl, I can vividly remember wishing and hoping I would someday look half as beautiful as Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer. If I had to tally up all of the hours I have spent and continue to spend on daily, weekly, and monthly beauty regimens, the number would be astronomical. Which leaves me to wonder, how much time have I spent tending to my inner beauty?

By no means am I suggesting that women should be spending less time on external beauty or eliminate the time spent on fine tuning our wardrobes and taking care of our skin, but I do believe we should match the time we spend on our outer beauty with the time we spend on cultivating and strengthening our inner beauty. If we dedicated ourselves to acquiring knowledge, strengthening our minds, mastering our thoughts, etc, and never relinquished in toning our inner beauty muscle, imagine the subtle, yet powerful changes that could be made!

The term inner beauty can easily be uttered, but I find that few people know what it entails. Yes the maxim, “it’s not what’s on the outside that counts but rather the inside” strikes a warm, fuzzy tone, but what the heck does it really mean? Does it mean that we allow ourselves to become physically haggard, so long as we are kind to those around us? Absolutely not! Does it mean we put others ahead of our own needs? Again, I disagree. Or does it prescribe an elevating of ourselves, our potential, and our unique gifts as we combine our inner and outer beauty? In a nutshell, yes.

Every Thursday, the Style Inspiration post is revealed, and I must say, I genuinely enjoy poking around the web for outfits that will inspire and instill confidence and help accentuate the beauty that already resides within. With that said, if the women wearing the clothes doesn’t have a healthy sense of inner beauty, it’s much more difficult for the clothes to work their magic. Why? Because we are much more than just the clothes we wear. The wardrobe we choose is simply a beautiful bow that reveals to the world how we feel about ourselves and gets us in the door or prompts it to be slammed in our face. Beyond that first impression, who we are as individuals, what self-confidence, thoughtfulness and intelligence we have, will carry us each the rest of the way.

In line with one of my resolutions this year, I placed the cultivating of strong inner beauty as one of my top priorities. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating exactly what such a trait might look like and this is what I’ve decided upon:

1. Self-Respect. Being respectful of others is most definitely an admirable quality, but more importantly, we must always respect ourselves. Once we genuinely respect who we are, the potential we can fulfill, and the dreams we dare to dream, we then gain strength to refuse to be treated disrespectfully by others who may wish to pigeon-hole, stereotype or discriminate against us.

2. Integrity. The first ingredient necessary to acquire integrity is to know what we value and what we deem as the maxims for living our daily lives. Once we are clear about what we wish to protect, encourage and cultivate, we may not always have the support that would make it a much easier journey but knowing which direction we want to go in is half the battle. Integrity involves standing up or speaking out when it isn’t the popular thing to do, but rather the right thing to do. It does not mean you attack people, it means you are clear about what you can and cannot tolerate, and you in your own way, stand up for your values. Having integrity means staying true to your word, being honest, telling the truth and treating others as you would prefer to be treated.

3. Compassion. Choose to live in such a way that you are considerate of others’ feelings and choose to help not to gain something in return, but to simply offer yourself, your time, and your resources when you can. Compassion also involves placing yourself in others’ shoes, doing your best to understand how they might be feeling. While compassion involves tough love, most importantly, it involves love.

4. Applied Wisdom. Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer. As a young boy, he would read any book he could get his hands on as his father didn’t support his insatiable love for the written word. Regardless of where we go to school, who are parents are or where we grow up, knowledge is available for us to grab if we choose to look. Inner beauty suggests an inner strength to do what may not be expected, but what we wish for ourselves. When we take knowledge and apply it to improve our lives and the world around us, our inner beauty shines.

5. Perpetual Curiosity. In order to continually gain wisdom, remain forever curious. Ask questions, listen to those with more wisdom, try new things, travel, read, simply be aware that the world if full of lessons to be learned and experiences to enjoy

6. Not a Push-Over or a Pleaser. While being compassionate and kind, it can be quite easy to become someone who is ready to agree to any demand in order to please those we live with or work with. Consciously decide not to be a pleaser or a push-over simply to avoid confrontation, but instead be strong enough to reveal who you are and what you can and cannot do. Set boundaries. Dig deep for your inner strength.

7. Flawed, Yet Not Frozen. Often the knowledge that we are not perfect stands in the way of treating ourselves with respect and requiring that others do the same. Someone may throw our past in our face and for a moment we believe we don’t deserve to dream beyond our current circumstances or have no right to expect something better for ourselves. However, please know, this is a form of brainwashing. Ironically, one we are inflicting upon ourselves. No one is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes, and we will continue to make mistakes. Accept the past, be determined to learn the lesson and then respect yourself and your one life to move forward with integrity and determination.

During this year of 2013, I am challenging myself (and feel free to join me) to exercise my inner beauty muscle as much as I exercise my love-for-all-things-stylish muscle. By focusing on these seven traits, based on how much time I peruse through fashion magazines, style blogs pinterest and websites, I know amazing results await. Are you with me?


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January 18, 2013

The Weekend . . .

For myself, a long weekend full of celebration, learning and relaxation awaits, and for you as well I hope. A good friend has been exhaustively working on establishing the Josephy Art Center in my childhood town, and I am thrilled to celebrate her efforts and toast to what is sure to be a great venue for expanding the arts to people in the community. Along the same vein, I will be trying to hone my photography skills as I am eager for the one-on-one lesson scheduled this weekend. Who knows what I will walk away with, but it won’t be for a lack of talent that is offering the knowledge.

Here is a look back on the week on the blog. Oh, and be sure to check out this week’s newsletter as the winner of Julie Vos’ silver link necklace is announced!

~Why Less is More . . . the most popular post of the week

~Why Not . . . Reinvent Yourself?

~My Trip to Atlanta & Driving an Encore! 

~Style Inspiration: Colors & Details

~Want & Have Outfit: No. 17 . . . new ideas for a classic piece

~This & That: No. 41 . . . my favorite boots are on sale, my new preferred wine glass to keep on the shelves and more

And this week’s newsletter – issue #132 – click here to read.

Stay warm this weekend (or cool for my southern hemisphere readers), and have a wonderful few days off. Until Monday, bonjour.

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January 17, 2013

Want & Have Outfit: No. 17

Having a classic black dress in your closet is always a good idea. You never know when you’ll need it, but you always know you can rely on it when nothing else seems to work. Versatile enough to dress up or down, for day or evening, Diane von Furstenberg’s black Parker dress is on sale starting today through January 21st. With promo code WINTER20, you pay $228 instead of $298 and can be sure to have an item in your closet that will last for many seasons to come.

As a way of mixing up this classic choice, wear nude pumps instead of black to lengthen your leg, layer with a beautiful red wool coat for winter (also on sale) and accessorize with a classic clutch that is a touch playful and reliable at the same time.

Not in the market for a little black dress but love Diane von Furstenberg designs? Many items from her 2013 Resort collections are 20% through January 21st – click here so do some perusing and be sure to use the promo code WINTER20.


~Diane von Furstenberg Parker dress (black) –use promo code WINTER20 to save 20%~

~DVF Sabrina coat in crimson~

~Lauren Merkin Tatum animal print leather clutch~


~Kate Spade Lori nude pump (similar)~

Style Inspiration: Colors & Designs

Blair Eadie of the widely popular style blog Atlantic-Pacific revealed a winter outfit of creative color and design this week that I was immediately inspired by (fourth photo from the bottom).

While involving color or graphic design into our wardrobes can be intimidating at times especially when we are trying to stray away from trends and build a classic wardrobe, the addition of a quality, unique print on a classic cut of clothing can have a very successful outcome. The key is to pair such a piece with solid neutral colors such as black, grey, camel, brown or a shade of white. Creating a proportionate balance between the muted, yet well-tailored piece along with the signature colorful item reveals confidence, yet restraint at the same time. A wonderful combination.

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January 16, 2013

Why Not . . . Reinvent Yourself?

January brings with it a beautiful gift of renewal. Depending upon the glasses you look through to peer upon life this can be an exhilarating opportunity or twelve daunting months. I am confident that you, like myself, choose the former perspective, and that is why I would like to encourage you today to see how you might be able to reinvent yourself as 2013 begins.

Reinvention requires of each of us the responsibility of self-reflection. In order to see how we wish to live more authentically, we have to be willing to be honest about who we are currently. At the same time, while we are self-critiquing, we must also be gentle with ourselves, but not too gentle as to lull ourselves into complacently living each day.

If you’re like me, you welcome the chance to grow, to learn and continually evolve into your best self, knowing that this process of self-renewal is never complete as there will always be opportunities to blossom into our best selves so long as we are living and breathing on this earth.

After all, the gift of reinvention is to acknowledge the following:

1. We are the captain of our ship. Our lives are our own to mold into a life of moments to celebrate or moments of dutifully following along simply because everyone else is living a certain way. When we acknowledge that our lives are what we make it, it is an empowering feeling. Ask yourself, why am I living the way I am living? Why do I do the work I do? Why do I surround myself with the people currently in my life? The key to living a simply luxurious life is to make sure each of these decisions are conscious and purposeful rather than a result of simply going along with the norm.

2. Lessons are gifts to improve. This past weekend I was listening to an interview of an author who spoke about the plot line that students learn in English, and great novels fundamentally adhere to when telling a story. He pointed out that human life doesn’t follow a prescribed plot. There will be many climaxes, many rising actions and many resolutions that lead to yet another wonderful, new setting. We must look at our lives as endless plots all thrown together, and among each of the plots are lessons to be learned, savored and appreciated as we apply them moving forward. So long as we are always looking for the lesson, we will forever have opportunities to evolve and reinvent ourselves.

3. Inspiration is everywhere. When we refuse to live by habit but instead purposefully and with intention, inspiration is always available. Whether it is found while reading a new book that piqued our interest, a new destination arrived at while on an excursion or a new dish attempted in the kitchen, inspiration blossoms when we remain in the present moment and pay attention to what our senses are experiencing.

4. When we appreciate, we cultivate even more. By staying present each day, it becomes easier to appreciate all that is going well. And when we can appreciate what is going well, we are reminded that good things can happen, problems can be resolved and change for the better is possible.
Maybe you are ready for a grand reinvention of your entire life, or maybe you simply want to change your look. Whatever it is that you want to reinvent, keep in mind that it is possible as soon as you make the decision to do so.

Here are a few tips for how to get started:

1. Dare to dream, and then it put it in writing. Slow down for an afternoon or at least a few hours and be still. What does a fulfilling life look like to you? Where do you live, what are you doing, what are you wearing, who are you spending time with? Answer these questions and write them down on a piece of paper. If you are visual, create an inspiration board or notebook full of images cut from magazines. When you physically create it, it becomes much more tangible and can serve as a reminder as you progress toward your goals.

2. Don’t be stymied by the how, just get busy. While you will want to map out the steps you will need to follow in order to make your reinvention a reality, there will be missing pieces that you can’t know for sure as to how they will occur. Let the unknowns go, and move forward anyway. Once you begin living with intention making progress toward your goal, other pieces of the puzzle will begin to reveal themselves - pieces that you couldn’t have even imagined when you first began. Move forward anyway, even if you don’t have all of the pieces. Similar to the film Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” You must put yourself out there initially to demonstrate that you indeed are willing to do the work necessary.

3. Use social media as a tool. Maybe you’re using social media purely for personal reasons, but if you want to reinvent yourself, I’m telling you, social media is a very powerful tool.  Clean up each of your social media sites. Begin to project the image you are attempting to create for yourself. Humans are visual, and they believe what they see. Update your LinkedIn profile if you’re on the hunt for a new job. If you’re hoping to become an expert in the field your are passionate about, create a blog that projects professionalism and expert know-how. And no matter what you’re trying to evolve into, create a home webpage. You can purchase your own domain name for as little as $10 a year, and it’s a great way to take control of what you put out there on the web about yourself (see mine as an example – simple, yet a great starting point).

4. Be aware of habits. Habits are behaviors engaged in without needing to think before action occurs. Take time to assess what types of habits are helping you and which are hindering you. Wanting to improve your health and lose some weight? Choose a time of day (for me, it’s in the morning) to do your daily 20-30 minute workout. After some time, it will be something that you become accustomed to and would feel off your game if you stop. Or conversely, stop nibbling while standing up or eating in your car. Eliminating simple mindless habits like these that are derailing your progress are quick fixes, but often ignored as being part of the problem. A great book to read on this topic - The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

5. Learn a new skill. In order to change, you must engage in new behaviors, gain new knowledge or put yourself in different scenarios. Learning a new skill, while it can be intimidating because you are beginning as a novice, is a wonderful way to explore your passions, discover your full potential, and meet people with knowledge about the field you’re interested in.

6. Have patience with yourself. The change you seek won’t occur over night or without a lot of hard work. However, it will occur, and often because the change is so gradual, one day you will finally stop and reflect and realize how dramatically you’ve evolved. These are the moments that should boost your confidence that reinvention is indeed possible, and living your desired life is no longer a dream, but a realized reality that you get to partake in each and every day. Enjoy!


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January 15, 2013

My Trip to Atlanta & Driving an Encore

~Michael Wurm Jr. of Inspired by Charm blog and myself were paired up for the afternoon as we drove around Atlanta and delivered our fresh produce.~

This particular post is long overdue, but I must say I am still giddy about the opportunity I had as one of the five finalists in Buick’s Pinboard to Dashboard launch event for their soon to be available (spring 2013)compact luxury crossover, the Encore. Click here and here to see how it all began last fall.

As finalists, Buick flew us down to Atlanta, Georgia, where their media event was in full swing. While the anticipation of who the selected winner would be was present (which was based on top decor and lifestyle magazine editors preferences – O Magazine was one of them!), the opportunity to meet up again with the other bloggers was the grandest treat.

Before I begin, while I wasn’t selected as the winner, the experience is something I will not soon forget, and I am thrilled for Michael Wurm Jr., founder of the decor and lifestyle blog Inspired by Charm who was the winner. I had the opportunity to spend more time with him on this trip, and he is quite the gentleman and talent (learn more about his blog and bed & breakfast here).

Needless to say we were spoiled (pictures of the entire experience are below), but what was also included in our trip was the opportunity to drive a brand new Buick Encore. Granted, it was during Atlanta rush hour traffic on a Friday which made it all the more memorable and adventure-some as I was intensely dependent upon the internal navigation system.

The accommodations at Twelve Hotel located in Atlantic Station more than pacified my preference for a luxurious place to rest my head. We each had our own suite which had high ceilings, large open areas, a full kitchen and sitting area. As the story goes, these particular rooms were originally designed as condos, but as they became available during the recession, they wisely turned the entire building into a luxury, boutique hotel.

Prior to dinner, our first excursion driving the Encore was to an urban farm, Love is Love Farm, on the outskirts of Atlanta. Farmer Joe Reynolds gave myself, other bloggers and lifestyle magazine editors a tour of the grounds just before loading us up with vegetables to be delivered to Empire Street South for our dinner that evening.

Prior to being escorted to dinner at Hugh Acheson’s restaurant Empire State South, I sat down at Lobby at Twelve for a glass of pinot noir.

And then it was time to dine and be entertained. Chef Hugh Acheson, who you may recognize from Bravo’s Top Chef Masters (season 3), as well as now a judge on Top Chef, presented a cooking demonstration for us at one of his three restaurants, Empire State South located in mid-town Atlanta.

 ~photo courtesy of Buick~

 ~photo courtesy of Buick~

Prior to sitting down to dine, in the bar they held a private meet-and-greet session. The interior of the restaurant strikes a wonderful balance of sophisticated luxury with masculine simplicity. It was warm, welcoming and full of life.

~Waiting for the cooking demonstration to begin sitting next to Michael and among Buick employees and other magazine editors.~

~Phil Cooley, who worked with the bloggers and helped orchestrate the marketing and publicity components begins the evening.~

~And the fun began. Hugh Acheson made (and shared the recipe for) his Turnips and their Greens Risotto. Entertaining, intelligent, humorous and gifted in knowing how to handle a room of strangers while successfully cooking at the same time, I had a wonderful time.~

The three course menu was inspired by his cookbook which he signed and gave to each of us A New Turn in the South: Southern Flavors Reinvented for Your Kitchen. Much of his discussion while cooking was about a misconception of what southern food was. His re-interpretation of what good southern food involved was eating local food, cooking with flavors and not drowning it in fat. And most importantly, trying to inspire everyone to get back into the kitchen, learn to love cooking and becoming aware of how to eat actual food while loving the flavors that are created.

While each of the main entrees I was told were delicious, I chose the Chicken Roulade (as it was served with the risotto and I wanted to indulge in it a bit more), and due to my being enamored with the food, I absentmindedly forgot to take a picture of the dish (oops!). Needless to say, it was scrumptious, and paired with a soft sauvignon blanc, I was in a brief state of euphoria.

~The dessert. Lemon Meyer Parfait: clementine, bergamot brioche, candied cranberry, sweet potato sorbet. Just as creatively presented as it was delicious and palette cleansing.~

~The Atlanta skyline from Twelve hotel.~

The following day, the winner was revealed as mentioned above, and then we dove into the holiday spirit with gift cards from Toys-R-Us to purchase carloads of toys for Toys for Tots. I must say, It was fun being a bit of a kid again. I can’t remember when I was last in a Toys-R-Us, but as you might imagine, it was fun to shop without worrying about a budget and most importantly, knowing that perhaps someone’s Christmas would be even more festive and memorable.

~The Encores are waiting to be loaded with toys.~

~A glimpse of all the toys after they were delivered along with the five blogger finalists and a handful of the lifestyle magazine editors who went shopping with us.~

~The five finalists – Julie of The Little Kitchen, Jessica of Bows & Sequins, Michael of Inspired by Charm, Katie of Paper Fashion and myself.~

~Full Disclosure: While the trip itself was paid in full by Buick, this post was not sponsored by Buick, as I was not obligated to share my experience. I genuinely had an amazing time and wanted to share.

All images unless otherwise designated or I am in them were taken by TSLL.

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This & That: No. 41

Quality wine glasses at a wonderful price, a luxurious tote to protect your favorite hobby, wellies on sale and a few other fabulous finds . . .


~Losing it in France: Les Secrets of the French Diet by Sally Asher

January serves a ideal time to re-organize your eating habits and set clear healthy eating goals. Sally Asher’s book which was released in April of 2012 – Losing it in France: Les Secrets of the French Diet – and inside she shares the lessons she discovered while spending time in France and insights into how she curbed her emotional eating and began to have a healthy relationship with food – one which didn’t include deprivation, but appreciation. Recipes are also included.


~Crate & Barrel Viv 20 oz Big Red wine glass

In search of a new set of wine glasses, Inspired by Charm’s Michael Wurm suggested I take a look at Crate & Barrel’s. Not only was I not disappointed, I saved money. Having purchased wine glasses from C&B more than 10 years ago, I was comforted by the fact that they carry the same styles year after year. Why is this important? To put it bluntly, I can be klutzy in the kitchen and have broken my fair share of glasses. For less than $5 a glass, these quality glasses are nearly identical to the glasses used at wineries and can be used to serve white or red wine.

~Hunter Wellington Boot Sale

My Hunter Wellington original rain boots are one of my favorite utility shoes for spring and fall. And when I learned yesterday that a handful of styles and colors were reduced, I wanted to share. If you are looking for black, pewter, red or yellow, you are in luck. Reduced from $135 to $79, be sure to take advantage of this limited price reduction. Also, be sure to check out their other boot accessories on sale as well.

~West Elm Orb table lamp

A chic neutral tone table lamp, West Elm’s Orb has been reduced from $129 to $89. With a glass base and linen shade, the textures and ability to work in a variety of decors is what initially grabbed my attention. I have to say, I adore the full, circular base and could see a pair in a bedroom or the living room due to their versatility.

~The Palma leather camera tote

If you are a photography enthusiast, I have discovered a luxurious tote worth your investment. Palma’s cognac leather crossbody satchel allows you to place your digital camera inside with room for two additional lenses for safe, protective keeping. All the while ensuring you appear stylish and efficiently adorned.


~The Real Real 

If you love shopping consignment, long for a few designer labels and appreciate a treasure hunt, be sure to stop by The Real Real website. A luxury re-sale store, they organize daily 72-hour sales on top designer items as well as more casual wear and designer secondary lines at a fraction of the original price. Sign up as a member for free and you will be automatically be notified of upcoming sales.

January 14, 2013

Why Less is More

A stunning white Chanel gown accessorized with only simple diamond studs, choosing a timeless color for the rooms of your home making sure the paint is superb quality, tending to a few meaningful and time-tested friendships.

All three of these scenarios involve consciously choosing less rather than more and consequently bringing more value and beautiful memories and moments into your life.

A couple of incidents caused my mind to wander to this concept of less is more. Just as I was readying for bed last night I turned on the tail end of the Golden Globe awards to see Anne Hathaway on stage with the entire Les Miserable cast and crew after just learning they had won Best Picture for a Comedy or Musical. While her attire was only the exterior of her exuberant beauty, I couldn’t help but applaud Rachel Zoe’s stylistic choice of the white Chanel two piece gown and barely any other accessories.

Granted, Chanel is more than just a tad out of my reach when it comes to purchasing quality, but I do feel such an image teaches an invaluable lesson. When we choose to bring material items and more importantly people into our lives, it’s not about how many we can acquire, it’s about building something of quality.

As I was consumed with my kitchen facelift this weekend, it wasn’t until everything had been painted and only the necessary items were placed in the cupboards and everything else packed away for future garage sales that I realized it was worth the wait – fewer dishes, but better quality. Less clutter, more function. A cleaner palette creating less chaos of colors and more tranquility. The ability to find not only beauty in what I’m eating, but beauty in the preparation. (Now, that may just be me, but there is something quite pleasurable about presentation which helps me savor the food I prepare even more. Urging me to eat slower and appreciate the time and effort.)

There are so many ways we can welcome more quality and less quantity into our lives. Here are a few:

~Focus on the quality of friendships you have, not the number of friends you have accumulated on Facebook, etc.

~Choose one fabulous, quality piece of statement jewelry to accessorize your outfit.

~Pay attention to the fabric for furniture, clothing, etc, as well as the craftsmanship.

~Cook with food grown or raised locally that adhere to better standards of production. A more satisfied conscience and healthier eating.

~A small wardrobe of quality pieces – lasts much longer and is certain to look its best for more than just a season. (click here to learn how)

~Refuse to purchase something simply because it’s beautiful. If you don’t need it, if it doesn’t serve a purpose or you already have one just like it, appreciate it from a far, but don’t bring clutter into your life.

~Take on fewer responsibilities, but the ones you keep on your schedule, make sure to give 100% of your attention and effort.

The Simply Luxurious Life became my way of living long before the blog began. However, it wasn’t as though everything was streamlined and idyllic immediately. Creating a life of quality rather than quantity takes time, but gradually your conscious decision making evolves into a life of substance that you are proud to say you are purposely and continually creating.

Be discerning of the people, food, clothes, furniture, thoughts and anything else you bring into your life. More is simply more, and nothing becomes special when you say yes to everything.

Have a lovely Monday everyone.


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