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March 1, 2010

Morning of Leisure

For me, one of the most perfect ways to start any given day of leisure is to wake up, take in the sunrise (if the sun decides to be sociable), lackadaisically (after all, it is my day of leisure) get dressed for the day, and whether I am on vacation or simply waking up at home, mosey to a cozy coffee shop, pick up a scrumptious pastry coupled with a savory cup of tea, and settle in at the perfect table for an undetermined amount of time.

This past weekend I ventured to Joseph, Oregon. A sleepy little town in the winter months, but a bustling tourist mecca during the summertime which is nestled at the end of state highway 82.  One of my favorite places to frequent for my ideal pastry and tea equation whenever I visit is The Wildflour Bakery.

This bakery perfectly fits the definition of cozy - as you walk in, your nose is immediately teased by the scents of freshly baked bread (they take orders as well for special occasions), the sugary, gooey goodness emanating from the soon to be devoured cinnamon rolls that have just come out of the oven, and the warmth from the heat of the ovens reminding you that they do indeed bake everything fresh daily.  There are only three tables inside the bakery, and you are able to help yourself to coffee, hot water for your tea choices and a vast variety of tea depending on your preference.  Refills - absolutely!  During the summer months, there is seating outside, which I personally prefer because you get to sit in the morning sun, soaking it up while you watch the street slowly begin to be filled with bustling tourists as they begin their perusing.
These cinnamon rolls will not disappoint. Have them heated up and oh my goodness!
Love the unique artistry of the ceramic designs on one of the chairs outside of the bakery.
During my recent visit, Pop McCommon, the owner, was working behind the counter and simultaneously in the kitchen, and I have to say there is something about watching a artist at his/her craft.  Listening to the noise is, for me, a bit soothing, a reminder that all is well. For whatever reason, it is a calming sound.
During this particular visit, I tried the blackberry scone, and it was delicious.  The blackberries themselves were the size of oversized grapes and very moist and juicy.  The edges of the scones were crispy from the immense amount of butter that is necessary for a delicious treat such as this, but the body of the scone was pure goodness.  It certainly hit the spot, and I soon was lost in my writing, reading, planning and musings for the day - which is exactly what I enjoy doing on such mornings.
My seat of choice on this particular day.  Blackberry scone and tea before it was devoured.
The Wildflour Bakery is unpretentious, relaxing and welcoming.  To prove my point, after working in the kitchen, Pop came out, sat down with a few of his customers at their table and seamlessly joined in with their conversation.  Who wouldn't want to go to a place where it feels a bit like home, where you can carry on a conversation with whoever is in charge of the cooking, watching them do what they do? 
Other scones that made my decision-making very difficult.
Whatever city, state or country you may be in, I'd love to hear about your favorite coffee shop or bakery and why you enjoy it.  And if you ever decide to visit the mini-Swiss Alps in Wallowa County, don't forget to stop in at the  The Wildflour Bakery to get your day off on the right foot.
Thanks Pop for your warm welcome and willingness to oblige my photo taking.  I look forward to my next visit.

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At March 2, 2010 at 8:51 AM , Blogger Struggler said...

Sounds heavenly - too bad I'm just a bit too far to join you on one of your lazy outings! The Cranberry Coconut scones look especially tempting...


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