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February 28, 2010

Weekly Cups of Tea (2/21-2/27)

This past week my blog dashboard was overwhelmed with inspiration, gorgeous photos, dream vacations, and uplifting thoughts.  With that said, I had to extend my typical five cups of tea, to six.  The first four cups are filled with an abundance of images that will make you swoon whether it be because of the creative home decor or fabulous fashion. The last two are certainly not least.  Both brought ideas to my attention that I had never seen before and couldn't get out of my head, so therefore, I'm sharing them with you, my readers.

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday immersed in your favorite activity, pastime, or hobby, and easily losing track of time. As we say goodbye to February, I would like to welcome my new readers who have recently come across my blog - I hope you find inspiration and a few more smiles than you already had in your day when you read any given post.  I'm thoroughly giddy that you are here and hope you return.  And to my steadfast readers who have been with me for some time, thank you for finding something here that you enjoy and choosing to continually come back.  I can only imagine how hectic all of your lives are, and the simple fact that you choose to come back says so much.

Here's to a fantastic March - thank goodness it brings spring with it!

Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic repeatedly shares beautiful images of well-known talents and this particular post was no exception.  Last week the theme focused on homes of fashion designers, and Kate Spade was included.  Simply put - Kate's exquisite fashion taste carries over into the interior design of her apartment shared with her husband Andy.  Creative tastes, wonderful color choices and an eye for creating a welcoming, yet sophisticated abode. Click on the heading above or the photo below to enjoy the rest of the gallery.

If you love pink or can appreciate what the color pink can do in an outfit, room, bouquet, what have you, you will certainly appreciate Gwen Discoll of Raghill Social's posts this week.  A multitude of delicious images involving home decor, gorgeous dresses and wardrobes, and flowers that all have a touch of pink displayed somewhere. Click on the header above or the photo below to become inundated with rosy images; I have a feeling you will enjoy yourself.

Sometimes all that is needed to inspire is a single image.  One image that is simplistic, yet so complex at the same time that one must keep gazing at it to grasp its beauty.  That was the case for me with this particular photo posted by girl, inspired with the post title "Turquoise Waterfall". All of the elements are mind boggling - the spiral staircase, the doorway, the architecture, and of course, the dress and the model's pose.  Thank you for finding this gem and sharing it with us.  Click on the the link above to view more of her beautiful images.

Sogni e Sorrisi is a blog that I have been frequently following for a couple of months now, and am continually enjoying.  The attention Connie pays to the detail and choice of images is evident in each post.  Stop on by, if you haven't already, and enjoy a wonderful site.   This particular post focuses on beautiful designs that highlight the one feature of a woman that I feel often gets overlooked  much too often - her back.  I have always gravitated to fashion that highlights this particular feature.  The recollection of Hilary Swank in the plunging navy blue dress for her night of success at the Oscars for Million Dollar Baby is something I'll always remember. 

I have to begin by saying thank you to Emily of Splendid Market for drawing my name randomly out of the hat for the recent giveaway. I genuinely appreciate the mention and the gifts. Okay, look at this photo below.  Who would have thought spatulas could conjure up such amazing emotions?  Seriously, aren't they gorgeous? Almost makes you want to display them as art, especially with the creative arrangement in the brown sugar - I love this idea!  Throughout the week Splendid Market shares posts involving cooking, gardening and simply delightful ideas on how to brighten you or your neighbor's day.  A beautiful blog and worth checking out, if only to find out where to purchase these spatulas! Click on the header or the photo to find this and more information.

6. A Note of Inspiration

I came across this print posted by Franki Durbin of Life in a Venti Cup and I couldn't help but think this would be wonderful framed above a desk, office workspace or even in a college dorm room. Beautiful thoughts to always keep in mind. Click on the header or photo to read her post and find out where you can purchase it.

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At February 28, 2010 at 10:29 PM , Blogger SogniSorrisi said...

Thanks so much for including me in your lovely roundup!

At May 16, 2010 at 10:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the link to 'girl, inspired' does not work or maybe the page didn't exist anymore?

The turquoise dress is divine. This dress in white would be the wedding dress I dreamed off as a little girl! ^^

xoxo Sandra


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