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February 22, 2010

Believe You Too Can Fly

Come to the edge.
We might fall.

Come to the edge.
It's too high!

Come to the edge!
And they came,
and he pushed,
and they flew.
-- Christopher Logue

Sometimes we do get in our own way.  Admittedly, it is a sort of self-preservation, or at least that is what we convince ourselves to believe.  What is it that you are afraid to try, to attempt?  Are you afraid you will be laughed at?  Are you afraid people will lose respect for you?  Anyone who either laughs or loses respect for someone for attempting to be successful is admitting their own fears and insecurities.  Don’t worry about those who do such things.  Proceed on, struggle through. The rewards will take time, but they will be great for the journey is half the prize.

I would love to hear of those successes that came only after much hard work and struggle – no matter how big the prize at the end. We could all use motivation and sometimes the greatest motivation is examples of other’s successes.

Believe that you too can fly and achieve your seemingly lofty dreams. I believe you can, but the bigger question is do you?

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At February 22, 2010 at 4:25 AM , Anonymous a lovely being said...

I feel like this photo really brings the phrase, "April showers bring May flowers" to life!
Very inspirational post :)
XO fallon


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