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February 2, 2010


With it being Groundhog’s Day, I have a question.  If the creator of the shadow does not acknowledge their shadow, does it indeed exist?  Take Cate Blanchett for example, while yes, we see a shadow, if she pays it no mind, does the superstition hold any water?  Silly questions, I realize, but when I came upon this photo and her pose I was for some reason reminded of our quirky national holiday. However, it provoked an interesting series of questions.  

In a sense, the shadow is our fate, but if we refuse to acknowledge our fate, instead choosing to blaze our own trail, go at our own pace and in our own direction, are we not better off?  And the question that I would love to hear you answers to, would you rather know your fate or would you rather let it be a mystery?

Okay, enough with the deep, philosophical questions, we’ve only just barely survived a Monday.  Moving on to more beautiful and inspiring ideas. 

I have always been an admirer of Ms. Blanchett’s classy, yet original style.  There is something about the way she carries herself, the way she speaks, and her exotic look that is simply mesmerizing.  For the longest time I have had the photo (below) on my idea board. It was pulled from a magazine years ago and from which magazine I can’t recall, but what caused me to take notice beyond her beauty was the quote they put as an inset from her interview. “It [her mind] is what makes a woman beautiful when she’s young and it’s what makes a woman beautiful when she’s old.” 

Alexi Lubormirski photographer

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