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September 1, 2013

How to Tailor the Blog to You

Since 2009 when The Simply Luxurious Life blog began, quite a lot has changed and readers now have more ways than ever to stay caught up and enjoy the blog based on their schedule and interests.

Whether you are solely looking for life inspiration, need only ideas on fashion and style, perhaps food, decor and entertaining are to your liking, or better yet, you want to take it all in and don’t want to miss a thing, I wanted to give you an overview of the many ways the blog can be used and thereby allowing you to tailor it to you.

After looking through the list below, you can pick and choose how you want to utilize the blog to work for you and what you’re wanting to get out of it.

As we go into the fall, I do hope this helps save time, eliminate confusion and enhance your experience as there have been many additions and changes made this summer. I look forward to continually offering inspiration, ideas and a destination for you to look forward to visiting whenever you find time. Thank you so very much for choosing to stop by.

Motivation & Inspiration

~Monday’s weekly post – Stop by early Monday morning and kick your week off with a post that will make you think, prompt you to improve your life in one way or another and give you something to think about. Here are a few posts from earlier in 2013:

~5 Things to Stop Romanticizing

~20 Ways to Banish Worry

`The Difference Between Pleasure and Joy

~Follow @simplyluxurious on Twitter for daily morning and evening tweets containing quotes to ponder and sleep on. For example - Thought to ponder "Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving.When we can be alone, we can be w/others w/o using them as a means of escape."

~Wednesday’s Why Not . . . ? post – Life is meant to be enjoyed and pique our curiosity, and the only way to do that is to be open to trying new things and continually striving to learn more about how to live our best life. In Wednesday’s weekly Why Not . . . ? post I try to offer something for readers to consider trying and reasons why they would benefit from giving it a go. Here are a few posts from earlier in 2013:

~Why Not . . . Consume Less?

~Why Not . . . Live a Life of Quality?

~Why Not . . . Indulge in Simple Luxuries?

Stay Current

~Tuesday’s This & ThatEach Tuesday morning, I share books, movies or music I love or want to read that have just been released. Recent fashion finds and upcoming sales are also things that are included. Need some extra inspiration? Any article or post from other writers will be shared that I’ve come across in the past week as well as any entertainment, art, decor, or cooking tidbit I find interesting. Needless to say, each week is a surprise of at least six finds that I am eager to share with my readers.

~Instagram – Follow @thesimplyluxuriouslife to see more glimpses of how I live my very own simply luxurious life.

~Facebook – Find TSLL on Facebook as the most recent posts go live at the moment they appear on the blog. Newsletter releases are also announced as well as weekly discussions on topics that have been shared on the blog.

Seeking Style & Fashion

NEW! TSLL Wardrobe EssentialsLooking to build your capsule wardrobe but don’t know which items to buy? Visit my Pinterest board “TSLL Wardrobe Essentials” which contains low and high end items that I either have or had or know to be worth your money and highly recommend. From nude and black ballet flats to jeans, trench coats, cashmere sweaters, basic accessories and the handful of basics that every wardrobe needs.

~Thursday’s Style Inspiration – Looking for ideas on how to mix and match different items in your wardrobe? Wanting to see how others are interpreting trends?  Each Thursday morning, a handful of street style, celebrity spotting and other stylish photos are gathered together tied together with a common theme. I always throw in random images simply because they catch my eye, but you can be sure to find style inspiration for the weekend ahead.

~Weekly Splurge & Save Outfit – Each week two similar outfits are styled – one being compiled of top designer finds (money being no object), and the other including frugal finds that still work in a classically chic capsule wardrobe. All items can be viewed for purchase or more information, and readers can mix and match the high and low finds at their leisure to fit what works best for their budgets and lifestyles.

~Weekly Finds – Just added last month, in the right-hand column of the blog is the “New Weekly Finds”. Updated each week, I spotlight 3-5 items that have caught my eye and want to share. Simply click on the image to learn more about the item or click on the arrow on the left to scroll through the entire group.

~Online Styling Services – Many of you already know that last month I added an online styling service to the blog. Click here to view more about what it entails and the cost involved in helping you fine tune your capsule wardrobe. So far, clients from Romania, Texas, Oregon, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Australia and many other destinations around the world have signed up for personalized styling sessions, and it has been a treat getting to know and work for them so they can continue to live their full and impressive lives.

~Pinterest – During fashion weeks at New York City, Paris, Milan and London, I create specific boards of simply luxurious items seen on the runway for each season.

~Bi-Annual Seasonal Shopping Guides – Just released today (September 1st) was the 2013 Fall Shopping Guide. Click here to have a look at the trends to invest in and trends to save on, as well as shopping items pulled from around the web to help get you started. Become a newsletter subscriber to never miss the most recent newsletter releases from TSLL.

Can’t Get Enough of Anything French? 

~French-Inspired Living - An additional page I added this summer to the blog was a destination for fellow Francophiles. Full of all French-themed posts found on the blog, as well as books, websites and information regarding travel to France (recommendations, places to eat, sleep, etc), this page is continually updated to reflect French-themed books I’ve reviewed, as well as anything else I have just discovered.

Pressed for Time?

~Weekly Newsletter – Each Friday, newsletter subscribers receive in their email inbox TSLL weekly newsletter that contains all of the past week’s posts, as well as exclusive first-to-know announcements about upcoming news, information, changes and giveaways. Over 6000 readers already subscribe and regularly email me to say it’s best way to stay caught up on the blog as they go about their daily lives. Click here to subscribe. (This is the same newsletter that also delivers the bi-annual shopping guides – you do not have to subscribe twice.)

~RSS email subscription – With endless blogs to read, and not enough time to search the web to find them all each day, you can have TSLL most recent posts sent to your email box each morning by subscribing to the RSS feedburner. Click here to get started.

~Feedly – Since Google Reader is no longer up and running, many readers have switch to Feedly as a way to easily organize their favorite blogs and read them at their leisure.

~Bloglovin’ - Another option for organizing your favorite blogs into one spot is Bloglovin’. Click on the “+” above the header on the blog to add TSLL to your list or simply click here.


Books, Magazines & More Items to Read & Love

~TSLL Amazon Bookstore - I regularly recommend books or share products I’ve found and loved throughout my posts. If you’re looking for any of these items, simply click on “Books” page underneath the header, then click on Amazon Bookstore to be taken to the books, beauty products, garment steamer I have and love, pet supplies, music, movies and more.

Destinations, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Websites, Blogs, etc

~Recommendations pageOrganized alphabetically by City and Topic, the Recommendations page is a list of places I love, highly recommend and want to share with readers.

Favorite Posts

~Archives & Recipes – Looking for a particular post you loved, or wanting more posts on a particular topic? The archives has it all, as well as all of the recipes that have been shared on the blog and created in my kitchen.


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At September 1, 2013 at 7:27 PM , Blogger Serena Faber Nelson said...

I've been a reader for a while now and I love how the SLL has these categories that cater to everyone - or different parts of our personalities at different times. From pick me ups, to inspiration or motivation there's always something there to reflect on or inspire growth within our lives. Thank you!

At September 1, 2013 at 8:20 PM , Anonymous Joelle said...

Thanks for breaking down your blog like that. But I must admit I follow everything on bloglovin' because I love it all. Keep up the great work!


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