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April 3, 2010

Short and Sweet

For some reason, spring and cupcakes fit wonderfully together in my mind.  This week was a nice easing-back-into-the-routine-of-things week after returning from vacation, and how fortunate I feel to have had a few beautiful moments thrown in.

A dear friend of mine recently shared the special news that she and her husband are expecting – congratulations you two.  My heart is leaping for you, you have no idea.  And, on a far more mundane note, yet for me something fun, attending the unofficial grand opening of a local restaurant.  Throngs of amazing people, fantastic entertainment (myself and two friends competing in a spelling B – hilarious!) and a beautiful setting.  Hopefully I will have pictures of it soon.

On that note, it was a busy week, so if you too found yourself taking in a few social engagements during the work week and didn’t find as much time as you would have liked to browse the web, here is what you might have missed at Simply Luxurious:

TuesdayStacks of Decor

FridayWine and Pasta

SaturdayIt’s A Wrap

Take a nap, chat with a friend, peruse the markets, enjoy time with your family, or take a relaxing walk to put your soul at ease.  Whatever you choose to do,  I hope you find it simply luxurious.
Images: (1) - A Golden Silence, (2)?

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At April 6, 2010 at 7:21 PM , Blogger Matt and Elsa Nelson said...

I think that mighta been a shout-out to Matt and me! :-) You're awesome and your blog rocks! LOVE it!

At April 6, 2010 at 7:49 PM , Blogger Simply Luxurious said...

Elsa, I couldn't be happier for you guys. Thanks as always for your support with my blogging! =)


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