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March 23, 2011

Vensette – A Brilliant Website For Busy Women

A savvy business woman, wise beyond her years, is tapping into a market and fulfilling a need for today’s modern woman’s busy lifestyle that provides quality, attention to detail and guaranteed peace of mind for the client when it comes to looking their best.

At 26-years-old, Columbia graduate Lauren Remington Platt has designed a business concept that has a very auspicious future. With aspirations of being the C.E.O. of an international fashion house (as shared in a 2010 Vanity Fair interview), Platt is already halfway there with her new business venture Vênsette.

As founder and CEO of Vênsette (the name comes from a combination of Place Vendôme in Paris and beauty icon Marie Antoinette), a new website for booking on-call talent (hair & make-up artists) to arrive at your doorstep, office, hotel, just about anywhere, and in 90 minutes to help you put your best face forward for whatever event, job interview, fashion show, party you need to attend, Platt has conceived an idea that while on the surface may appear as a luxury, is more often than not a time saver and a way to ease one’s mind during every woman’s busy and ever-demanding daily schedule whether she is a stay at home mom or a tireless professional.

Upon recently becoming a member of Vênsette (to request membership, simply enter your information here), I instantly felt at ease knowing that while in attendance at upcoming Fashion Weeks in New York I could have a dependable stylist at my fingertips in order to look my best (currently Vênsette is only in New York City, but is in the process of expanding to other major cities).

Having been recently interviewed and featured in The New York Times Magazine and March 2011’s issue of Vogue, Lauren graciously accepted my invitation for another interview to be shared here on The Simply Luxurious Life.   Let’s take a look at what Vênsette is all about as well as view some images of the hair and make-up choices that are offered.

Vogue US March 2011

What was your inspiration for tapping into this luxury/style on-demand market?

As a young professional female in finance, I was working long hours while also trying to keep a social life. I would often have to go straight from the office to dinner or a fundraiser and I realized there was no easy and viable way to get ready. I knew that other women, whether full-time mothers or full-time professionals, were dealing with the same issue.

How did you come up with your business plan and the concept of a visual hair and makeup menu?

I was inspired by the universal consistency of Starbucks. If you order a chai latte in New York or London, it is the same no matter who is behind the counter. Consistency is the most important element in building a client's trust in beauty services, yet it is often overlooked.

Beyond helping women look their best, what do you hope Vênsette services will bring customers?

The concept of the Salon is antiquated. Who has time to run around New York for a beauty appointment? Our clients are multi-taskers who know the value of their time and need to get beauty services when and where they want.

What are your goals for the future of Vênsette?

We will soon be expanding into other beauty services and launching Vênsette in other cities both nationally and internationally. Beyond that is a secret!

What would success look like for Vênsette?

Vênsette is definitely on mile one of a very successful journey. After such an overwhelming positive response to our site, I would say we are currently looking at a growing success.

What sources are you basing the hairstyle choices on - are there certain classic or modern style icons you gravitate towards when making these decisions?

When creating the hair and makeup menu, I consulted my favorite magazines, runway shows, fashion campaigns, and movies, and compiled a list of classic looks that I believe every woman needs to complement her wardrobe. One of our bestsellers, a scarlet red lip with a sweep of black eye liner, is named after Grace Kelly. The Audrey is a low bun inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One great thing about the hair and makeup menus is that they provide a common point of reference for the beauty artist and the client.

What are the choices of hairstyles, what do they look like, and which do you suggest for certain events?

On the Vênsette site, our styles are divided into day looks and evening looks. Each look can be edited to fit a client’s personal style. The Oscar, a French twist, is perfect for an important business meeting, but can also be slightly messy for a social gathering or fashion event. Our best seller is the Siren, a 1920's curl set. It’s a very romantic and effortless look, and a favorite among our clients for black-tie galas. Another one of our signature looks is the Classic Blow-Out. A client can make it loose and voluminous or more slick and chic, depending on her taste.

What can a first time client expect (time, itinerary, # of people), and what could they do to ensure the best experience?

In order to ensure the best Vênsette experience, we advise clients to relax and enjoy the process! One reason we created the signature hair and makeup menu was to remove anxiety about the end result; clients know going into an appointment exactly how their hair and makeup will look. Appointments are secured through an online booking system. Members first select their desired date, time, and location then choose their hair and makeup looks. Upon payment, an email confirmation of the appointment is sent to the client and a professional artist from our team travels to the client's location of choice. Hair and makeup are performed by the same artist for a packaged rate of $250 for day looks and $325 for evening looks. Both hair and makeup is guaranteed to be completed in under 90 minutes. Deluxe packages are also available upon request.

What types of day and evening events has Vênsette been booked to style for?

We have been booked for Fashion Week parties, New York galas, ladies’ luncheons, corporate meetings - everything, really! Our clients constantly need to look runway-ready whether it's for work or pleasure.

Has it been your experience that woman request Vênsette’s services for a simple day at work?

Yes! Some of our most valued clients request Vênsette multiple times a week before they go to work. Starting your day with the New York Times, a cappuccino, and a Vênsette pro doing your hair and makeup... why not?

Why not indeed! Below are a handful of images of some of the hairstyles Lauren mentioned (Oscar – a French twist, Tribeca – an elegant ponytail are not included, but worth mentioning as I would gravitate toward the Tribeca for a day look most certainly) and make-up looks as well.

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann with sun-kissed make-up and Audrey hair style

Lauren Remington Platt –make-up Grace Kelly, hair Siren in second photo a pinned Siren.

Lauren Remington Platt  &  Anouck Lepère


The idea of creating a consistent and dependable product is a tried and true business concept that, in our busy world, instills confidence in any businesses’ customers. It is clear Platt has done her research on what women want, is someone who walks the walk with a very full business schedule, but still always appears stylish and pulled together as well as being passionate about creating something that is needed by the consumer. I look forward to trying out Vênsette’s services on my next trip to New York and want to thank Lauren again for taking the time to be interviewed.

All images via Vênsette except first collage.

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At March 23, 2011 at 2:10 PM , Blogger Kori said...

Wow informative post honey! Have a great day honey!

Did you hear about my good news? Kori xoxo

At March 24, 2011 at 8:54 AM , Anonymous Laura Connell said...

Congratulations on getting this interview; that's quite a coup. It is an interesting approach to branding although I wonder if it takes some of the individuality away from fashion styling. Live and let live is what I say, however, and if it works for her clientele that is fantastic.
I love your new look: the more simplistic design is in keeping with your philosophy. You improved on an already good thing.


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