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January 11, 2010

Tea Find!

An unexpected gift was given to me today by a rather delightful acquaintance. Isn't it just the way that the best gifts are the one's you don't expect and turn out to be something you truly will use?
(TAZO: Zen -green tea -The Vert - full-leaf tea)
Every morning, my tea of choice is TAZO's Zen green tea with lemongrass; well, I was reminded of my all too frequent routine when the gift I received was TAZO's new Zen - green tea, but the difference was they are now sachets with full-leaves (picture of the new packaging above). I had no idea, but it was nice to be reminded that there are thoughtful people among us who simply want to make someone else's day a little brighter. I cannot express fully how much this meant to me. Thank you friend.
So as my pleasant Monday was winding down I decided to try out my new tea with in my favorite tea cup and saucer. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to travel with my mother to Victoria, Canada. The Butchart Gardens were a must-see on her list, and rightfully so, because she was born with a green thumb. She had always spoken of this locale, and for far too many times I wasn't aware of the magnitude of this place until we finally arrived. Awe inspiring, truly. I was constantly wracking my mind for ways in which I could incorporate just a small handful of their beautiful ideas into my own yard. The time, effort, energy, planning and care that it must take to create the vision you see in each of the gardens was something I'll never forget, but the most unforgettable thing was the delight it gave my mother. I am just so thankful I was able to experience that moment with her.

While visiting Butchart Gardens was one of primary destinations, we also made sure we visited The Empress Hotel and made reservations in advance for High Tea.
(The Empress Hotel in Victoria Canada during daylight.)
(High Tea is now being served!)
Upon having the opportunity to have tea, we purchased a cup and saucer (picture below) from the Library's collection. I often use this set when I want to savor particular moments, events or simply to stop time. Regardless of whether they are big or small moments, I've found that taking the time to make the effort to use such beautiful things helps set a more appreciative mood. So this evening, I'm having a cup of my new tea in my favorite tea cup. Here's to kind hearts. May we all continue to gather more of these people into our lives.

(The Fairmont Empress Hotel -Library collection tea cup and saucer)

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