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January 9, 2010

A Little Bit of Romance

I received in the mail a couple of days ago my February edition of Town and Country magazine. This is one of the few magazines I wish I had been subscribing to for much longer than I already have. The articles are well written, engaging and substantive, each month focuses on a certain theme which allows each month to be uniquely its own (Home, Travel, Philanthropy, Fashion and my favorite, Wonder Women), and it is full of luxurious photographs, suggestions, resorts and restaurants to visit. In other words, the absence of fluff is very much appreciated.

February's issue is one I've always enjoyed. For the past few years its focus has been on women who are impressive in their own particular arena. Last year one of the women included Diane Von Furstenburg, who is an original in her own right (although I am slightly bias - her wrap dresses are the most dependable style of dress for any occasion I will ever need to go to) and this year it includes the cover girl Cindy Crawford as well as Alexandra Penney (a victim of Bernie Madoff and author of the new book The Bag Lady Papers), and a handful of other impressive women.

One article in particular though, really grabbed my attention with one line specific line, " . . . although I've emerged from adolescence as a suitably wary woman with far more emotional experience than anyone requires, the irresistible lure of that giggly childhood buzz has never gone away." Written by Lynn Sherr, her article is titled, "Looking For Romance" and within the article she writes about what women really want when it comes to romance. In a touching tale, she shares the story of her own romance with her husband to whom she lost to cancer after only seventeen years of marriage. Despite what may seem a dreary read, it is reassuring and uplifting that regardless of one's age, if we allow ourselves to feel that "tingle" for someone special, we open ourselves up to the opportunities of love.

I hope you too have someone that causes "that tingly thing" to happen, and if you haven't, I have a feeling they're on their way if only you would open your heart.
Jack Vetriano's "The Singing Butler"

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