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January 6, 2010

January's Beauty

January seems to be the month in which restrictions are imposed, whether it be by choice or necessity. Now at first glance, this is not a very attractive quality for anything, let alone thirty-one days on the calendar. However, within these necessary boundaries that many people place upon themselves during this time of year, there are many benefits that can be discovered. Like a child, it is when we remove things from our lives that are cherished, or quite the opposite, taken for granted, that we begin to relish and desire them even more. Whether it be the sun that we have become so accustomed to waking us in the morning that is no longer there, the fresh produce that can be found at our local farmer’s market that won’t resume again until April, or fresh flowers displaying their fabulousness for everyone to appreciate.

There are many flowers that I am anxious to see in the coming spring and summer months, but hydrangeas in particular our my favorite. What always impresses me about hydrangeas is their ability to sustain their beauty in all different seasons.

Being a novice in the gardening arena, I feel like as though the winter months are an extended Christmas Eve and I am an impatient child just waiting with anticipation to see the growth in my perennials from year to year.

In other words, thank you January for slowing us down, forcing us to reflect and appreciate all of those ways, things and events that we allow ourselves to greedily take in and not savor.

(Someday, my Annabelles will look this lush and delicious!)

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