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February 26, 2011

Emilio Cavallini – Legs As Canvas

Celine, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Gucci. These are just a few of the designers for whom Emilio Cavallini has produced his famous hosiery.

Clothed in his famous cut-out stockings, his self-titled book was just released on February 22 (2011).  Filled with more than 200 striking images of his stylishly unique designs, readers who appreciate understanding the mind of an artist will devour this book.

Edited by Benedetta Barzini, Cavallini shares his love for travel as a very young child, and how he would linger at train stations in Italy picking up tickets after the trains were bound for their destination.  Ever the dreamer, he would read the town which the boarder had been destined for and immediately run to a library to determine where such a place was. Now, having turned his dream into a reality, Cavallini travels the world with his luxury leg wear in boutiques and high end fashion boutiques around the world.

For around $25 his original designs can dazzle your legs, after all, as stated in his book, “The stocking is the garment and the leg is the pedestal . . .”. And while this book’s cover is quite the eye catcher, the creative ways in which the stockings are arranged are an artistic masterpiece of their own. What I was also very struck by was that Cavallini creates stockings for stockings sake – not to enhance a wardrobe, but to be the talking point, to be the attention grabber.  And with his amazing talents, he creates a piece of clothing that “guarantees the consumer of being unique, of being a member of an elect community, of becoming spiritual and aesthetically transfigured.”

While there is some dense discussion on color and artistic theory, an artist in any medium will find philosophical insights that will cause them to pause and contemplate, discovering in fact, that he is making a very profound statement.  For example:

“Being an artist means not being afraid to expose yourself, not being afraid to reveal what you have in your soul.”

While the book retails for $100, you can find it at Amazon for $57.78.  So if you are a lover of fashion, are looking for a bit of inspiration and what to have a book on your shelves or coffee table that will attract the eyes of your clients or guests, you will be very impressed with the contents of Emilio Cavallini’s book, as well as the cover.

(Published by Skira, distributed by Rizzoli with photos taken by Nicola Ciona from Emilio Cavallini.)

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