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November 28, 2010

Cups Of Tea 11/21 – 11/27

An extended weekend is drawing to a close, but thankfully we still have Sunday. How was your weekend? Are your shopping bags full of deals? Are you rested? Are you rejuvenated after seeing family and friends you haven’t seen in awhile?

After all of the excitement, I will admit, I enjoy getting back into a routine, however, the holiday season that is just beginning has me beaming just a bit brighter.  There is something about the energy, the cheer and that je ne sais quoi that just grabs hold, and I don’t want to shake it off. The past few days have been filled with constant steady snow fall and that in and of itself symbolizes the holiday season.  I hope you too are feeling the holiday buzz and are enjoying this time of year.

In this week’s Cups of Tea you’ll find a fantastic post that shares a lengthy list of Black Friday sales that are still in progress, a recipe from a former French pastry chef, a unique and stately tour of a beautiful home, a pinch of fashion and some intriguingly though provoking posts. So grab a cup and take a few moments to dream, plan and relax. Have a lovely Sunday!

1. A Dream Of A Home

Sarah Klassen  has the most exquisite taste no matter what the medium. This past week on her blog  Haute Design she shared a house tour of a beautifully antiquated home, and if you’re even slightly intrigued based on the photo below, just wait until you open the front door to see the interiors.


2. Black Friday Deals Continue

You may have noticed that this week I have gathered six posts for my weekly Cups of Tea, but I couldn’t help myself.  With Black Friday occurring just two days ago, when Jenn of Living Luxe For Less shared with me her post on 40 different sales that are continuing beyond a one day event, I had to share them with you. The time she took will save you not only time, but quite a bit of moolah. Take look!


3. After The Show

Coco Rocha strutted down many a runway during Spring/Summer 2011 Paris Fashion Week, and Influence & Stardoll compiled a handful of images snapped of the supermodel after a few of the shows she had recently completed.  Even though she is all made up, she still looks casually cool. Click here to see all of the photos.


4. Drunken Pumpkin Pie

I confess, I have pumpkins and desserts on my mind, and when I stopped by Caitlin Flemming’s Sacramento Street earlier this week, I came upon a recipe that appears just as adorable as it is delicious I have a feeling.  Caitlin discovered this recipe on Tartelette which is authored by Helene, a former  pastry chef from France now living in South Carolina. Be sure to check out the recipe for her Drunken Pumpkin Bourbon Tart with Mascarpone Cream by clicking here.


5. How To Be Grateful

Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone for those of us in the states, why not continue being grateful for the blessings and abundance, no matter how big or small, in your life on a regular basis? Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen presents a series of questions to ask yourself as you assess exactly how much you have to be grateful for.  I have a feeling you will discover you have even more than you initially realized.


6. Let Go Of  The Baggage

Earlier this week Misadventures with Andi posted her thoughts on baggage, emotional baggage that is, and discussed exactly how much of a heavy burden we bring with us with every extra bag we carry into our present day. Click here to read her post, as I think you will find it more than worth your time, and you might just find yourself letting go of some of that unnecessary baggage you’ve been carrying.


Images: We Heart It


At November 28, 2010 at 9:40 AM , Blogger Sarah Klassen said...

I stay far far way from any sort of large sales, for fear, mostly... fear of chaos, but find that those who brave it are my heros! There are so many deals out right now, it certainly be smart to take advantage of them. As for the Christmas spirit, I love what you wrote. Thanks to a little snow, Christmas music and decorating, I'm feeling a little more joyous, also.

so many lovely (and a very delicious) links! I always look forward to your posts :)

enjoy the remainder of the weekend,

At November 28, 2010 at 5:24 PM , Blogger HAMPTON HOSTESS said...

I love a good sale--thanks for passing on all the great info. and of course the post on Sarah is fantastic-have a great weekend, Barbara

At November 28, 2010 at 7:20 PM , Blogger Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

What an honor to be a part of such a fabulous list of bloggers! These are all GREAT posts! Thank you again for thinking of me!


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